Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fan-Fiction and Korea

Decades ago, batch had erotic daydreams and fantasies that they would suppress into the tush of their minds, in the hopes that it would be forgotten. They would acquit never d ard to utter their versed desires out loud, much slight transfer it to newsprint and because publish it onto the net income. This act of carry-over marks the evolution of a thought into a story. construction the story as a spin-off from another authentic work, such as a television series or a book, and it gets established as fan-fiction. This call is used to define stories produced by fans that have prolonged upon original meanings imposed by the actual creators of these texts. From fan-fiction, stem a whole new sub-product - drop fiction; stories of same-sex manlike pairings that set up one of the main genres of fiction. The term derives from the slash between the names of the characters in the relationship. The discovery of the Internet witnessed a rise in the popularity of slash fiction so much so that it is considered a norm in every(prenominal) type of fandom. Its popularity levels make it a platform that readers and writers alike are now able to flip to, in the hopes that their thoughts and desires will be fulfilled. This has thus attested to a change in the sate provided, and the topic of sex and erotic fantasies, become minor lucubrate embedded in the storyline. The plots potful with larger issues at custody and writers write of universes with different political relation and social values, with the desire to impel a change in our current world. This is best proved through the case of fan-fictions, at heart the realms of Korean pop.\nThe fandom is question for this paper is the Exo  fandom. Exo is one of Koreas most celebrated boy-bands, who have garnered tremendous victor within the time-span of two years. The male group constitutes 10 members and with an maturation in number of members, comes an outgrowth in the number of pairings, which promp ts the unvarying production of fan-fict...

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